Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New World Record set with Paddle Balls

Ok, I know it is not juggling, but it is pretty cool news. Besides, it is my blog, and if I cannot use it for a little shameless self promotion, that what good is it?
The Big News Is!!!!
I returned just last week from setting the very first Guinness World Record with Paddle Balls. I set the record for the most Paddle Balls done by one person, by doing 7. I have done 8 and 9, but wanted to save a little room to "grow the record" at a later date. It was a great experience and I am very happy to be the first one to put a Paddle Ball record into the Guinness World Record Database. I have a sense that it will be just the first of many. I will attach a few links to video of this event. I will also attach a link to The Paddle Ball King's website, where you can go to the "Blog" section and read the whole story, if you feel so inclined.

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