Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fred Garbo as Dexter the Juggling Muppett...

(who is actually the hands of Fred Garbo)

Dexter was a large monster juggler on Sesame Street. According to his performer, Kevin Clash, he was Sesame's "most spectacular failure."

Clash discussed the experience (referring to the character as "Juggles the Juggler") in My Life as a Furry Red Monster:

I puppeteered the head of the character and we found a talented artist named Fred Garbo to do the juggling while squatting under the camera's frame. Talk about tough! Trying to coordinate Fred's actions was next to impossible. Fred was the best, but this was asking too much. We spent most of our time in rehearsal rounding up dropped balls, stumbling over one another, and flubbing lines of dialogue - just try concentrating on what you're saying when you've got balls flying around your head.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The oldest known recording/film of a juggler?...

(This is a repost from my juggling partner Alfresco Fettucini aka Mike Heidtman from an online forum)
A friend of mine from Michigan (Zeemo) was friends and neighbors with a man named Art Stephans who was the president of the Ann Arbor Silent Film Society. Art gave my friend this film which is reportedly the oldest known recording/film of a juggler known to exist. It was filmed in France around 1907 - 1908. My friend has reproduced it digitally and has posted it on youtube for all to see.

Ladies & Gentleman, I introduce to you for your enjoyment, "Maniac Juggler"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gandini Juggling

This just in from Sean Gandini...

Hello Fellow Jugglers

We are doing a week long residency outdoors at the National Theatre's
Watch this space festival in London, many shows, many guests and a couple
workshops specially for jugglers. Everything is free!

The week will include a specially made 10 juggler piece, guest shows,
gandini repertory...

Full schedule

Vimeo from last year

I hope some of you can make it!

Sean Gandini